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Sourcing server specification

System designed to store sourcedocs, xanadocs and xanalinks.

User accounts

Accounts are identified by username. When registering users provide a username, e-mail address and password. The system stores password securely with a one-way function. Login requires the users password and either the username or the e-mail address. Users have the option to reset forgotten passwords. The system allows anonymous reading, a user account is required to save data. Only usernames are made public, e-mail addresses are kept private.

It is planned that each user will have a page that lists all the items created by them, this is not implemented yet.

Home page

The sourcing server home page lists details of all sourcedocs, xanadocs and xanalinks. This will probably be replaced with a search system once the site holds hundreds of items.

For users who are authenticated there are buttons to create sourcedocs, xanadocs and xanalinks.

Creating items

Users are presented with a text area where they can enter the text of a sourcedoc, a xanalink or the EDL for a xanadoc. Each item is associated with the user that created it.

Editing items

The user who created an item has the option of editing it. The system stores an edit history, old versions of items are available to view.

Viewing items

The view page for sourcedocs and xanadocs shows them a monospaced typeface, to emphasise that they are text files. Whitespace at the beginning of lines is preserved, lines that are longer than the width of the display area are wrapped.


The sourcing server stores sourcedocs, xanadocs and xanalinks in a shared namespace. All items are referred to by a unique 8 character identifier.




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