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span: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/WelcXu-D1y,start=25,length=425

span: http://xanadu.com/xanadox/MoeJuste/sources/0-Moe.pscr.txt,start=7995,length=274

span: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/WelcXu-D1y,start=592,length=37

span: http://xanadu.com/xanadox/MoeJuste/sources/2-DarwinDescentOfMan.txt,start=143522,length=213

span: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/WelcXu-D1y,start=630,length=55

span: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/J.Ineffable.txt,start=299,length=343

span: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/WelcXu-D1y,start=687,length=51

span: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/J.Ineffable.txt,start=2879,length=376

span: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/WelcXu-D1y,start=740,length=115

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xanalink: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/rmq41-xanalink.txt

xanalink: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/mexn86-xanalink.txt

xanalink: http://hyperland.com/xuCambDemo/jjq7941-xanalink.txt

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Theodor Holm Nelson, founding designer, Project Xanadu

We offer a different kind of document.

This is just a brief note, intended to show different kinds of connections.


We believe that links should be visibly connected.

Here's a xanalink to a historical piece--

Here's a xanalink to a scientific work--

Here's a xanalink to an early definition of "hypertext"


We At the instant of Beginning, all matter and potential energy were infinitely compressed to a single point. Then time began and in the first fraction of a second this compressed conglomerate exploded, flying apart into a mutual web of co-created space and matter and energy.Or consider this quote from Darwin)--At the

former rate, the present population of the United States (thirty millions),

would in 657 years cover the whole terraqueous globe so thickly, that four

men would have to stand on each square yard of surface.

And now consider this quote from a scholarly journal--Many have asked, when is something really meaningless, as distinct from obscure or quibbling? This is important both for philosophica and humanitarian reasons. Philosophically, because we would like to avoid wasting our time on the actually meaningless; and humanitarian, because each person's resources are scarce, and should not be wasted.And yet another quote from that scholarly journal--It becomes clear, then, that "meaninglessness" and "obscure" represent endpoints of a continuum, perhaps a continuum of more than one dimension, differently perceived by philosophers, rhetoricians, grammarians and the hoi polloi. Thus we must assume that there is no exact boundary or definition available, except those known to common sense and academic inquiry at its best.(The journal needs to get paid for the content.)

We hope this new medium will be useful, enjoyable and deep.



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