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From: Ted Nelson <>

Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Subject: :xu: Xanadu Purple format from Saturday (xuPurpSat-D1

To: John Ohno <>, Jon Kopetz <>

Cc: Ted Nelson <>, Andrew Pam <>


* spanpointer =

[newline] URL

[newline] start

[newline] length


wherefound =

[newline] URL

# This replaces "acquisition"

whenfound =

[newline] URL

source =


=== FILE TYPE .xanadoc

# This consists of a list of contents to be assembled, in order, and a

list of xanalinks to be applied to that content, not necessariy in

order, as their individual applications to the content are independent

of one another.

# We should especially note xanalink type "pagebreak", as this

strongly affets the layout of the content.




* xanalink-address =

=== FILE TYPE .xanalink

=== FILE TYPE .xanaful

# This is a .TAR file whose first component file is a directory.

# The intention is to wrap up the content of a xanadoc and its

xanalinks into a transportable unit, except for content which is

expected to be aquired in individual forays by the clietn.



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