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From: Ted Nelson <>

Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 11:34 PM

Subject: NicholasT Re new Xanadu in Python

To: "Nicholas H.Tollervey" <>

The version of Xanadu described in LM

 (xu88.1, more recently redubbed Xanadu Green)

 was far too ambitious, with fabulous

 mathematical inventions by my colleagues.

When the project was taken out of my control

 at Autodesk, they came up with another one,

 xu92.1, more recently redubbed Xanadu Gold)

 which caused the famed fiasco.

 I want nothing to do with that version.

I have recently dumbed down Xanadu Green

 to a rustic version based on conventional files

 rather than tumbler mathematics. The prototype,

 XanaduSpace (google "TheTedNelson" to get

 my YouTube channel and watch it)

 was strangely architected, with numerous

 Clever Optimizations in C++ that have crippled

 further development.

This in turn has been totally transcoded

 to Python by John Ohno and Jonathan Kopetz.

 They are trying to debug it.

The new version is called Xanaspace,

 dropping one syllable.

The open source issue is thorny-- the

 document structure is openly defined

 (to be finalized by 1 September-- it's down to

 whitespace particulars)

 but there are commercial issues.

 We may be dual-licensing it under the GPL

 but that is not a promise.







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