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=== 12.11.30


Theodor Holm Nelson

Founding Designer, Project Xanadu

(This is a shorter version of a too-long paper

 I wrote yesterday, written from scratch.

 It may also be repeating stuff from the last

 year or so, but let's consider it anew.)

In the last year I have issued many proclamations

 about Xanadu structure.

This is intended to simplify and clarify

 by a possible restructuring of XanaduSpace.

I propose to create a gateway program

 to receive user input,

pipe it where it belongs,

 dispatch results among parts.

A key aspect is that 'Xanadu proper' is reduced

 to two functions:



Other functions-- publishing, permascrolls, etc.--

 are in separate modules that all receive

 their orders from the dispatcher.


This should make it easier--

1. to keep the Xanadu program lean and mean.

2. To program these other functions

 as stubs and simple versions

3. To evolve user commands and interaction

4. To visualize this conglomerate.

=== === === NAME

Not deeply important or committed.

 I like sound of "Flira"--

- could be girl's name

- suggests flight

- means 'face' in Logban (why not?)


For early Xanadu interaction we don't need

 fancy editing input graphics, just to see the result.


(Probably leaving something out.)

The names are meant to be clearly

 distinguishing from other subfunctions

 that may or may not be in use. Plz

 correct if necessary, but then we'll

 all know what they are.

FLIRA. Input face, dispatcher, receives

 input characters, receives outputs from

 other modules and redirects them where


XANACORE. Core Xanadu: enacts

 one edit, shows current view (poss. of many

 pages and documents).

XANAPOSITORY. Network machine holding

 one's documents and publishing them.

 (Could of course be separate.)

MVERSIONER. Handles microversion

 logging and enactment.

XANASTORE. This handles selection

 and opening of documents (note that

 'open' doesn't mean the same thing

 in Xanadu.)

- AT FIRST: can just be the dox locally

- LATER: manage and search one's dox

 at the Repository.

- LATER: presumably will cacne parts

 of documents in current use.

PSCROLLER. Handles permascroll

 input and publishing.

AT FIRST: Raw permascroll freely available

 to public.

LATER: redacted permascroll supplied to public.

XANAPUBLISHER. Publishes a microversion

 at the Repository, instructs PSCROLLER

 to expose latest characters, reassigns

 global document name to new microversion.

 (With variations,)

MICROSALE. Will handle microsale of contents,

 if any, by a system similar to permascroll


XANAPAGEMANAGER. Keeps track of which

 pages are on in the user's current viewspace

 and how much space is allotted to each.

- Note that in principle ALL pages could be open,

 so we'll have methods for choking their

 allotment when not viewed lately, or something.

ZZOGLPOINT. Preents a point in zzspace

 which is to be presented, and what dimensions

 will be assigned to x,y,z.

XANARRANGEMENT. This will be a routine

 for arranging documents on the screen,

 comparable to the two-plane view of

 the Origins demo.





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